Commercial Landscaping Services

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Two of the most influential factors at the heart of cultivating curb appeal are landscaping and planting bed maintenance.

Regardless of the property type, landscaping serves numerous functions. Commercial, industrial, educational and HOA's can all benefit from the aesthetic appeal created by exterior design. Beyond aesthetics, your exteriors also have a very functional role in determining traffic flow and defining space. The specific vegetation used in landscaping can additionally hide unattractive assets, provide privacy, accent a view or property features, supply shade, retain or block heat and wind, limit erosion and provide a sound barrier.

Despite these functional uses, if landscaping is not well-designed, installed and maintained, it can also create a number of safety-related issues. Overgrown ornamentals and shrubbery can create hiding spaces, damage the building, harbor pest infestations and block visibility.

Keeping your green areas in crisp condition involves a variety of landscape management services, and a streamlined delivery process is essential for ensuring proper, timely execution. At Top of the Peak, we provide comprehensive services according to your maintenance specifications.

Our Complete Landscape Management Program includes:

  • Complete Lawn Care
  • Irrigation
  • Landscape Construction & Renovations
  • Mulch Installation
  • Planting Bed Maintenance
  • Spring & Fall Clean-up
  • Tree Trimming
  • Turf Maintenance
  • Tree & Shrub Pruning
  • Additional custom services

Now more than ever, we think you will appreciate the value of a partner who can not only solve the urgent, unexpected situations, but proactively minimize developing issues before they become big problems. With Top of the Peak, you always get the right service for the right price. Unlike many other companies, there are never any hidden charges. In today’s competitive environment, you can’t afford to lose business due to facilities issues. Whether it’s an exterior or trade service, structural or aesthetic, urgent or recurring, we think you will appreciate the confidence that comes with a partner you can trust. With Top of the Peak you know you’ll get a smart, quick resolution every time.

Contact us today to learn more about our Complete Landscape Management Program, and how we can make and keep your landscape's curb appeal vibrant.

Services include:

• Lawn mowing
• Trimming, edging & trash pickup
• Weed control
• Lawn aeration
• Lawn raking
• Tree and shrub pruning
• Flower bed maintenance
• Lawn fertilization
• Tree fertilization Spring/Fall clean up Winter tree wrap
• Gutter Cleaning and Blow out
• Irrigation Repair Irrigation System Checks
• Dog waste pickup
• Irrigation Start up
• Deep root watering
• Deep root fertilization
• Annual and perennial planting

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"We are extremely pleased with the level of service and work performed on our site this year! Thanks to James, Tyler, Luke, and all the rest of the crew! Thanks to everyone for all of the hard work and excellent outcome!! They're professional and responsive!"

-PT, Commercial Customer

Customer Testimonials

“He was very helpful in working with the HOA to meet their requirements; at the same time satisfying what our vision was for the property.”

-Carol Rice, Residential Customer